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An Innovative Evidence-Based Nonprofit Teaching Advanced
Early Childhood Math to Disadvantaged Children

“Children from low-income families, on average, demonstrate lower levels of competence in math prior to entering school, and these gaps persist or widen as schooling continues.  Providing these children with high-quality mathematics instruction early on can provide a foundation for future learning and can help address long-term systemic inequalities in educational outcomes.” - National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

Introducing The Brainacus Nonprofit Online Math Program

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- Advances Minority Children Ahead of Grade-Level In Math

- Helps Close The Equity Gap

- Utilizes Global Best-Practices

- Classroom Tested For 5 Years

- Is Fun, Effective, Age-Appropriate Instruction

- Provides Dual-Focus Child/Parent Programming

- Builds A Foundation for Continued Academic Success


Video! The Power and Value of Brainacus

Development and validation of the "Brainacus" Program at urban schools in Des Moines, Iowa.

Educator Endorsements from staff at schools that welcomed "Brainacus" during its development phase.

The program has perfected a fun way to teach 4 & 5 year old children advanced place value.

Parent comment on Everyone Can Succeed's global best-practices advanced math program for four and five-year old underserved children.

Why Brainacus Works

The two sessions per week two-month Brainacus program begins with a unique Asian-based introduction to numeracy that was developed based on practices prevalent in countries that lead the world in math scores. Brainacus adapted the Asian advantage in language and instructional methods so that our children and country could benefit. After students complete our unique number identification and place value instruction, they benefit from learning abacus math and performing advanced addition and subtraction exercises. The program was tested and validated over five years with disadvantaged four and five-year old students. Being an evidence-based global best-practices program, the Brainacus method is substantiated by published papers in professional journals.  Click Here to read citations.


“Abacus skill has a positive effect on subsequent mathematics and reading grades.”  American Journal of Education

"Opportunities for preschoolers to learn mathematics are currently inadequate, particularly for those in low-income groups...To ensure that all 

that all children enter elementary school with the foundation they need for success, a major national initiative is needed to improve early child mathematics education." Everyone Can Succeed answers this call from The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.

Beneficial to Students and School Districts That Want to Improve Math Performance and be Recognized!

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The online Brainacus program is dual-focus benefitting both students and parents.  The program is proud to teach respect and pride in addition to global best-practices math. Plus, the Brainacus team will organize regional and interstate advanced math competitions where students can show off their advanced

skills to the media and the public.  The program is absolutely special and makes a meaningful difference in boosting equity in academic outcomes.

Everyone Can Succeed welcomes School Districts and Corporate Sponsors/Supporters who want to advance At-Risk Children, close The Achievement Gap, and Improve Equity. To establish a program of any size, Contact Us!  If you wish to support our meaningful work, you can Click Here to Donate.  We are proud to report to our donors and school district partners student performance data for accurate evaluation of program outcomes.

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