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About Robert Singer

Everyone Can Succeed's Founder

Robert Singer, Everyone Can Succeed Founder and Executive Director, is a graduate of Drake University and an accomplished professional in education and training program design and delivery (early grades and adult); urban issues leadership; innovation in orthopedic bracing and cognitive rehabilitation; federal grants and contracts program development and management; and broadcast journalism and communications.


Singer established the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Everyone Can Succeed to provide effective education and training to underserved populations. The organization’s mission is to help end the cycle of poverty through education. Mr. Singer is also the creator of the global best-practices Brainacus early childhood math program that employs Asian instructional methods to advance Pre-K and kindergarten students ahead of grade-level.


The nonprofit founder has substantial experience as a community service leader. In Des Moines, Iowa he has served as Co-Chair of a multi-day seminar addressing the root causes of violence in the African-American community. He also co-chaired an inner-city community committee to help set objectives and plans for a new education and workforce training facility coupled with a new grocery to address food desert concerns. Grants written by Singer have impacted thousands of underserved individuals in need of education, training, and social services.


With an extensive background in developing and managing new programs, Singer is the author of numerous education and training proposals funded by the U.S. Departments of Education, Labor, Agriculture, Commerce, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, National Science Foundation, and the Corporation for National Service.  Having responsibly managed millions of dollars in government funding, he was commended by federal auditors for “outstanding work in the areas of compliance, procurement, accounting systems, grant management, and administrative systems."


Mr. Singer’s innovation experience also extends to the medical fields. His experience working in Washington D.C. as Director of Communications for a national healthcare association led him to create the first-ever software-controlled orthopedic brace that articulates a paralyzed human arm. The new technology, for which he was awarded three patents, enables quadriplegics to feed themselves. Also in the medical arena, Singer created an innovative new therapy that in exploratory clinical trials helped restore short-term memory and visuospatial processing skills in right-hemisphere stroke patients.


Bob Singer began his professional career as a political reporter on radio and television in Des Moines, Iowa. His television work has been inducted into the Iowa Archives of Broadcasting, formerly the Iowa Broadcast Hall of Fame, and has also aired on NBC.  Singer originally hails from Clifton, New Jersey.

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